Kaalikääryleet – traditional Finnish food? or What the immigrant critics forgot.

Many things are often declared Truly National by different interest groups: animals, nature types, songs, art etc. Food is an important aspect of culture as are the rituals surrounding it. Different foods are eaten in different areas, and in Finland one delicacy often considered truly Finnish is kaalikääryleet or cabbage rolls. The origin of cabbage … Continue reading

Vanhoja uutisia vuodelta 2010 / Old news from 2010

10.07.2010 Pizzeria in Turku attacked with molotov cocktail In short: A molotov cocktail was thrown into a pizzeria at Linnankatu 21 at 2 a.m. The restaurant was set on fire but the workers managed to put it out with a fire extinguisher before any grater damage was done. During the attack there were two customers … Continue reading

Antifascist Turku

Hello! After the recent racist violence in the streets of Turku, Finland, we decided to act against it. This year Turku has seen an increase in racist activities, maybe seen last time in Finland in Joensuu in the mid/late 90’s. A few examples are firebombs thrown into immigrant-owned pizzerias, racist posters and stickers around the … Continue reading